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Hi Redhead

I was wondering about this as well.
Thanks for your follow-up and confirming that Live Chat is the only real-time communication channel.

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Hi RedHead

Never tried, I tried iMessage but on my opinion writing to the support using iMessage, WhatsApp, messenger, Twitter are all async methods therefore less interesting than using the chat.

I prefer waiting 10 minutes to be able to chat in sync mode instead sending a message, wait couples of hours for a reply and be obliged to reply again and again :(

I have a doubt, is whatsapp a sync mode? Since when I reduce the windows size to take the screenshot, the chat was replaced with Whatsapp




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No i haven't i feel like the live chat is better as you get your answer right away.

Fizz confirmed this is true:


Thank you for reaching out to us.

Yes, that is true. However, take note that the respective interaction channel is not a real-time communication channel.

At this moment we still only have the live chat for real-time communication.

To learn some additional details, please refer to this link :

If you have any others questions, feel free to reach out again, as we'll do our best to assist you.

You can refer to our solution hub, as it has a lot of useful FAQs :

I thank you kindly for your patience, understanding and cooperation.

I wish you a marvelous day!