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iPhone 12 wifi problems anyone?

(sorry I closed the first post by mistake)

I am having a strange problem, first of all my internet connection so far has been excellent, any device connects perfect, no issues at all.

The interesting thing is that I am starting to have problems with 2 new iPhones (iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini) the connection is normal, but sometimes it drops and even that you get the wireless icon like normal, the connection is not there, we have to turn wifi on/off on the device and the problem is solved.

I am wondering if anyone is getting this same weird behaviour, my modem has the 2 networks separated (2.4 and 5G) both phones connected to 5G

I already reset the network settings and I even reset the modem and give new names and passwords to the networks, but still get this random behaviour

any suggestions?

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Your phone is new. New hardware and new IOS often have bugs. Call Apple - their free support is second to none. If all checks out with them then look further. Start by using another router while putting Fizz router in Bridge mode.