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How to add refer code to my account ?

I created my Fizz account, and now ready to add mobile plan but how can I enter the referral code ?



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Hi Admin

When you are going to create your plan, and you have the total with the taxes, you will have a textbox where enter the referral code, also click on the green box

This is the guide:

If you need a referral code in order to have 40$ credit at your 2rd payment, if you activate your plan before the nov 18th
yes you can pick mine

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At the end of the subscription procedure (sim card activation) there is a box above the amount due. You should type or copy your code inside the box and click on tbe green arrow on the right side of the box.

Hi Admin,
At the very end of the activation of your plan you will be asked to enter your code.
Important to click o the green box to it's right, otherwise it will not register.
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