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Why can’t I sign up for fizz in PEI or NB?

I am trying to order a SIM card in PEI, but it says that it’s outside their shipping zone. I then thought I could get it shipped to NB to a family member and they could ship it to me afterwards, but again it’s outside of their shipping zone. This is not a Canada-wide company as they claim to be. Why exclude all of the maritimes?



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Hello Karine,
Fizz is a budget Videotron subsidiary. As such, it uses Quebec's infrastructure mainly as its base and uses partner networks for connectivity outside that zone. So even if you are located in Quebec, you have to use the majority of your service in Quebec, otherwise they can pull the plug. See this quote that speaks a lot: "We reserve the right to interrupt or block access to our network of partner providers Fizz EXT if you use your mobile service primarily on their networks for 3 consecutive payment cycles." See details here:

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Unfortunately Fizz is available only for people residing in Quebec and Ottawa region. Once subscribed we can use it Canada-wide because Fizz has agreements with other providers.



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Hi Karine

What others wrote is correct. Fizz is owned by the same company that owns Videotron.
So Fizz is using the Videotron network and cell towers.

There is a difference between Fizz subscription area and coverage area.
You can see the map here:

Outside of Quebec and Ottawa area, Fizz has agreements with partner networks, but you cannot use just those networks most of the time. It would just be too costly for Fizz.