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I’m on Fizz EXT, my Data isn’t working (My plan doesn’t include wifi but I’m using 500m that Fizz is giving for free) ?

What can I do to make it work.



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Hi Laurence,
If you are in your coverage area you need to activate the data roaming

Your coverage area is where you can use your Fizz plan without paying roaming fees. When you subscribed and created your plan, you chose your coverage area: Quebec, Canada or USA + Canada. If you roam outside your coverage area, you can use your Fizz plan on our partner networks. Log into your account any time to change your coverage area: How to change your plan.

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Hi Laurence,
Please turn ON Airplane mode and then turn it back OFF, turn on Data roaming and then turn it back OFF, make sure you're connected to Fizz, turn OFF the Wi-Fi, make sure that your IOS is up to date and if neither of these steps helps you out, please pop out the SIM card from your phone then pop it back in, restart the phone and then reset the mobile network settings.
After all of this is done, please check on your Data connection.

More helpful information can also be found here in our FAQ:

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a good one!