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Why is my internet randomly slowing down to a crawl until it drops altogether ?

For the past few weeks my Internet has been dropping, requiring a modem/router reset with the following setup and checks done:

I am set up in bridge mode, so no Wi-Fi required

  • Internet outage issues began since end of August 2020.
  • Internet connection was fine since I signed up with Fizz in April 2020
  • Internet randomly began slowing down to a crawl then quits altogether several times per day requiring modem
  • reboot or factory reset

    • I verified the power source as well as the power source cable, the power cable connection, LAN cable, etc.
    • A factory reset was carried out numerous times as requested by tech support
    • Nothing changed regarding modem location, power source, LAN connection etc.
    • My PC is connected via LAN connection only
    • Power source is not an issue since I have other items connected to same source all well within source amperage
    • and no power outages or power fluctuations on router/modem of any kind

      • I chatted with Fizz tech support several times and was always asked if I followed any of the above-mentioned
      • steps which I did

        • I was hoping that Fizz, being owned by Quebecor, (same owners as Videotron), would have better tech support
        • I would have loved to have given this start-up a chance and am fully aware that: “you get what you pay for”.
        • Should my next step be to drop Fizz ?



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Hi Michael,
I understand and I'm sorry to learn about the inconvenience you're experiencing.
I've checked under your connection parameters and signals where I can see that they are off from the optimal form.
Judging by all the manipulations you've performed so far and from the notes, I see here, I'd recommend you contact us via Facebook Messenger or Live chat so we could be able to assist you with the next steps in changing the modem to see if that fixes this situation.

Here you can find more information about how you can do that:

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a good one!

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Hi Michael
If your neighbour with cable internet do not have problems I believe that you have an hardware failure , since we can exclude a problem in your sector
When you have intermittent problems it is very difficult to have the unit replaced, it will be better if the unit will not power on at all :(

It seems you have done the utmost for debuging. In my experience, Fizz uses the same infrastructure as Videotron. However, there is something that probably hasn't been tested; a replacement of the modem or a field test by a technician.

As you has mentioned, you did everything as possible to replace your internet connexion.
Try to ask to the Fizz customer service by chat a new visit of the technician and the replacement of your modem.
If they dont accept, inform them that you'll be obliged to cancel this service.
You need more help...