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I would like to have a home internet connection for my new apartment, next week. When are you available to hook up my internet? I haven't subscribed to your plans yet. But I have looked at them.

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Hi Ravenne,
first of all you must know that this is the user forum.

The only way to see the availability it is to start the process, since this dependent from your zone.
In this period, the average is 10 days

Do not forget to use the referral code, if you order before oct 15, you will get 40$ at your 3rd payment
Yes you can use mine

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You can subscribe to the Fizz residential internet service online.
You have to fix an appointment with the technician for your installation.
The delay is normally around 10 days.
When you subscribe to this new service, you can apply a referral code who will get you a credit of 40$ (offers until october 15th) after the third month.
If you need one referral code, you can choose mine. I'll be very happy!

Hello Ravenne,

I kindly inform you that I have verified your account and see that you've managed to subscribed to Home Internet. You set the appointment for October 10, between 7:30 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. You can see the appointment on your account by going to My Plans >>Manage >>Appointments.
Please reach us back if you have any other questions. We are available between 8 am and 9 pm every day or any time at

Have a great day!