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How can I gift data to my other sim card?

I used Fizz only for the data for a while. I had a random phone number on this SIM.

I decided to use Fizz for voice and message now. I wanted to use my actual phone number which was with a different carrier. I had to purchase a new SIM card to transfer my phone number.

I added a data perk to my new SIM card. Though this data will only be usable in a month.

My old SIM card have a lot of data that is giftable right now.

I want to gift data from my old SIM to my new SIM. How can I do it?



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you can do only if in the new SIM you have a data plan, but it seems that you do not have them.

You can gift only to a person with a data plan, the data they you have with a perks do not count as a data plan :(

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