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Referral bonus pending?

I have a referral bonus still pending but it's pass my 3rd payment cycle.
I though you got your discount on the 3rd payment.
What the issue?
Do I need to follow up with fizz?

Thank you!



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Is this a referral bonus that you got for referring someone, or when you signed up? If the latter, you should contact fizz - it should have been applied to your third payment. Fizz recently made some changes to their transaction displays this may have messed up their billing process.

If you referred someone then they have to make two payments before it will appear as active in your account. Either way chat and see what’s going on.

To chat: Click the above link and scroll down, there should be a chat bubble near the bottom right side.
Or send a message on Facebook
They are open daily 8-21h. Hopefully they can help you

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Hi NvK,
Maybe the person didn't make a 2nd payment. You can contact Fizz for more info.

Within business hours (8am to 9pm) you can reach them by chat:

Make sure you are logged in to your account and navigate to this page:
After a few seconds you should see a green chat bubble appearing on the bottom right side of the page. Simply click on it and you will be in contact with Fizz

After business hours you can send them a message using Facebook messenger:
They will then reply as soon as they can.

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It can happen that the person you have refered didnt do her second payment and canceled her plan.
You can also contact the Fizz customer service by chat to see why this referral bonus is still pending.
To chat:
Log to your Fizz account.
Click on:
Click on the green chat bubble of Fizz when you see it down to the right of the page.

You should follow up with Fizz by contacting the support :

I had the same issue : referral bonus was pending during 4-5 months. I've contacted Fizz and they finally solved my issue. There are a couple of bugs with their system and their website ... so, don't wait and contact them.