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Did you downgrade your mobile data after first month?

I feel like already after the first month and the roll over and the rewards I won't need the same amount of data anymore. For people who have been with Fizz for a couple of months, is that what you found?

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When i decided to come with fizz, i thought i didn't take enough data but now, it's the opposite because i'm mostly at home and i connect to the wifi.

When my girlfriend will transfer to Fizz, she will take smaller datas and i will give her my datas if she needs.



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Same here :) With all the gifts and rollover you don't have to pay for too many GB :)

Yep, I downgraded after the first month as well and now have about .75g in upgrades. Along with perks as well. Since I am no longer commuting to work I don’t need a lot of data!