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Ethernet connection keeps cutting off ?

Since the last two weeks, the ethernet connection keeps cutting off. It is getting worst the last week as I need to rebot the modem every time I want to use Ethernet, Otherwise, the ethernet is down. It seems like everything is ok as long as you use it (although I have seen it cut in the middle of a download), but it you let it idle for a while, the ethernet connection is lost for sure. The wifi is fine as I can alway reboot my model remotely. This is mostly very annoying, actually, not a workable ethernet service. It was fine for several months. There was a similar episode in the middle of the summer (not that worst as I only had to reboot once in the morning). But now, unless I go on the internet right away, if I reboot modem and try 10 minutes later, the Ethernet is gone.



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Hello Eric,

Apologies for the encountered issue.

I have verified the modem on my end and there seem to be a few signals outside our functioning parameters. Please unplug the modem from the power outlet for 10 seconds and verify if the coaxial cable is tightly screwed in. Also, I suggest to perform a factory reset by holding the button on modem's back pressed for 30 seconds with a tiny sharp object. The factory reset button is located above the Ethernet slots.

If the issue still persists, if possible please test out with a different Ethernet cable in different sockets on modem's back and plug the modem in a different power source. A few more helpful tips can be found on the link bellow or the ones Lieux has provided.

If the issue still persists, please reach us by Facebook Messenger or by chat using the link I've provided.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a good day.


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