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Only 3 slots for bonuses?

I find 3 slots totally insufficient. I have already bonuses I can't even use and I am only at level 4. When reaching higher levels they become literally pointless. Shouldn't Fizz give us at least 5 free slots to actually use them?

BTW: I am about to reach level 5 soon ... need 150 more points so give me some love guys!!! haha

I think that is the idea, you have to choose what is more important to you, a bit of data or a few dollars off your bill. This way they also limit the amount of money you can take off your bill. I am also on my way to level 5....Kudos coming your way! :)

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Don't worry! Bonuses are not forever, they only last 3 months. After this time, you can put another of your bonuses in the slot. Bonuses waiting to be inserted are good for 2 years

Your right but like Mike said, if you have 2 plans or more, someone might say the opposite because after 2 years that person will maybe fall with empty spot.
Moreover bonus are really an attractive feature but if they weren't any of it, would you stay with Fizz. For me it's a yes !!

Andrej, I would like to agree with you, but these expectations might be too high.

With 3 slots at level 5, you can have 1 GB free upgrade every month.
At level 8, you can have 2 GB free upgrade every month.

The upgrade bonuses will expire 2 years following the date they were received. This is regardless of whether the upgrades are being in-use or pending. What Patricia wrote is not correct.

After you have reached level 5, I believe the trick to maximize the upgrades is to level up slowly.
Unfortunately I did not take my own advice, and we will see what happens in 6 months.

Yes, we have only 3 slots to open but dont forget that bonus upgrades are good only for 24 months.
The upgrades still availables will be appreciated after this time.