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Fizz community profile, how does it work?

Hi guys! I don't understand how the community system works. My account is set up in French. I asked a question in French. I got points for that. However, for some reason, I ended up on the English community and I replied to someone's question. But then, it counts as another account! But I'm still connected with the same credentials and it's still the same name. Does someone have an explanation?

There are two places to see your previous activity. When you click on your name at the top right of the screen, it will show you all the questions you've answered and asked. This is relative to the language you are currently on, so you have to press the "FR" to go back to french, and click on your name to see the history you have in french.

In that menu, you shouldn't see points. The menu to see your points is in the box "my account" that is in the lower right of the screen. There you will see all your activity and recent points and it's for the french and english forums (cumulated)

Hope it makes sense!

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Alison how come ... it counts as another account....that’s not possible. Perhaps you saw that someone answered the same question and had some points...? What did you see exactly?

Hi Alison,

this shouldn't be possible. French and English forums are independent but the point system is cumulative for both of them so it's 1 account only not 2 separate accounts. You can see how much points you got in the detail (My account, My activities)

When I click on my name to see how many points I got, I can see only the English ones or the French ones but not both cumulated. That's what I meant by "another account".