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How to change from Ebox to Fizz ?

Hi, i'm currently a customer of Ebox for my home internet but Fizz offers way better deals and I'm planning to change my provider from Ebox to Fizz

How do i change my internet provider ? Do i need to create a new plan with Fizz and, once my new internet service is setup, cancel my current plan with Ebox or will Fizz handle that for me ?




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Good choice! Wait until your service is up and running with FIZZ before you cancel. You will need to contact Ebox yourself to cancel - this is not automatic. Here are the steps for signing up with Fizz.

Also, you can check daily to reschedule your appointment. It’s seems a lot of people have luck getting an earlier date.

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Yes you need to create a new plan and yes you must wait, since the delay for the appointment is around 3 weeks
You should close your EBOX account when the Fizz account is up and running

If you need a referral code, in order to have 25$ at your 3rd payment
And yes you can pick mine

Hi Erwan

With Fizz, the customer support is 100% online. You cannot call them on the phone. Since you have already created your account and asked your question here on the community forum, I think you will do well with the online chat.

All Fizz internet plans include the modem/router rental and unlimited data usage. To order, you pick your plan and the installation date. You need to register a credit card on your account to pay for the service. Upon registration, you will be charged the plan fee + taxes for the first month of service. and your next payment will be due 1 month after your installation date.

You can have both home internet services running concurrently. So leave your current internet running and cancel it only after Fizz internet is installed. Once you are satsified that Fizz internet meets your needs, you can call Ebox to cancel your service with them. When I did it, it was same day cancellation and they mailed me a refund cheque one month later for my unused days.

Fizz does offer customer rewards. You can get more rewards for paying your bill and the more you participate in the forums. For new customer reward, you can get free $25 credit (which will be granted/applied towards your 3rd bill). There is a list of referral codes here:

You are free to choose any code including mine. Be sure to enter the referral code when you activate/subscribe to your first plan.

Feel free to post again if you have any more questions.

Have a good day,



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Keep active your internet service with E-Box until your Fizz plan will be active (the day of your installation with a technician).
Just subcribe to a Fizz internet plan, choose the speed of your internet plan and apply a Fizz referral code to get a credit of 25$ after your second payment.
You can choose mine, i'll be happy.
Also, you have to choose the date of your installation with the technician ( it takes normally 3 weeks).
Welcome to Fizz!