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Which data is taken first? the upgrade data or the data you are given?

Quick question. Say someone has 250MB data and i give him 500MB data. I know that the 250MB CAN roll over to the next month, but the 500MB data CANNOT (from what I've been told in a previous question, it lasts for maximum 2 billing cycle).
Which of this data will be "used" first? the data that rolls over, or the other "kind" of data?

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Hi Karl, always the one with a shorter life ( smaller day left )

If they have the same amount of days left, I believe that it is almost random :( But it does not make any different, they will expiry at the same time

Hi Mike, it is still unclear for me. The one that's a gift has a 2 months lifespan, but the rollover data doesn't really have a lifespan, does it? It just rolls over forever, right?