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Why can't I use a vanilla prepaid mastercard as a payment method?

basically a couple of weeks ago I paid for my internet service using a JOKER brand prepaid mastercard. The payment went through without a problem.

This month I purchased a Vanilla prepaid mastercard since the store didn't have any of the Joker brand. I got home and tried several times to enter the card information in the payment options and it kepr giving me the same error message instructing me to call my my Credit Card issuer. When I called Vanilla customer service, they explained to me that the transaction was denied by the merchant (Fizz) since they do not accept anonymous prepaid mastercards. This is exactly what the customer service rep told me.

Now you can probably understand how this is mildly inconvenient for me. Why did it work with the Joker brand of prepaid mastercard and not the Vanilla brand? Its just not consistent.

I'm very disapointed that Fizz gave me false information in the process, thinking that there was something wrong with the card when they were were the ones denying the payment method in the first place.

Alex that’s what Catalin Whizz wrote few months ago... Please be aware that Vanilla Visa or MasterCard are not accepting recurring payments and they will not be working on our site for this reason.
Try to reach them anyway and see what is possible for you.

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Could it be related to it being prepared maybe? Though, no, it should be working... hm, what about bank not authorising the transaction?

Hi Alex,
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Try to contact support and get a reasoning to your situation, then if there’s no solution from them, Simply use your Vanilla Card to buy a Joker card, then pay for your subscription.