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4+ Missing Badges?

Hey FizzTeam,

I have been with Fizz since April 2019 and I have not followed the entirety of the badge question, but I have noticed 4+ badges missing (Add-On, Travel Add-on, 6 months, 1 year).

Looking forward to my 2-year anniversary :)



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Hmmmm... i think there is a delay in their attribution. Just wait a bit and they should be awarded to you!

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Hello Emilie,

Thank you for letting us know about the missing badges that you didn't receive.
Our developing team is working on a workaround solution so that the badge system will unlock the badges as soon as you complete the requirements. Until then, please have a little more patience as the badges will be added to your collection.
If after a few days, the missing badges are not added to your inventory, please contact us by checking the link

Apologies for this.
Have a nice one!
Nicolae Bogdan