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Roaming while within Fizz Coverage Area Map?

I have used fizz at my cottage for 2 years near Wakefield Quebec outside Ottawa/Gatineau and have a Quebec coverage plan, The cottage is well within the Fizz coverage map. I recently received a Fizz email recently stating I was roaming too much and they may cancel my plan. Not sure what has changed recently but I checked and Fizz EXT is being displayed and the carrier code is Videtron (302500). I am using the APN. This is the only tower for miles and in order to be included in the coverage area this is the only possible tower.
I phoned Fizz and the just said if it is showing Fizz-EXT you are roaming and thats it. Which was frustrating.
Any ideas? At best the cvoerage map is false advertising as even on the road beside the tower it says roaming.



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It can be that the tower have problems and you are using a roaming :(
Only Fizz can help you out
If you buy an addon they are suppose to extend the 3 months

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Coverage map is where you can get signal. But you need to stay on the green coverage in the majority of the time.

The red zone is where you get signal tower from other provider but you cannot stay there too long. It's a deal between other providers.

Fizz-EXT mean, you still can get signal but you are not in the green zone.

Is your cotage near wakefield inside the green zone or the red zone? How much time did you you stay in the red zone? I have eard that this is 3 month maximum.

If you are at the limit between the red and green zone, you can choose the tower you want to connect, because by default, the smartphone take the stronger available.