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we can only get mobile data if we turn on roaming when outside my city, is it right? The cell is Huawei's

My husband got a Huawei cell recently, and he found out that his cell no data when we are outside Ottawa, but the fizz network shows up only when he turns on roaming, is this correct?



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Enable the data roaming all the items, you will not be charged if you do not have money in your wallet.

When you say the network, do you mean the signal or the internet connection?

The internet connection yes you need to have the data roaming when you have Fizz-Ext

The signal no, must be there, try to reboot the phone

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Like Mike said and that's another advantage of fizz. you will not be charge if your data is over, so you dont have to worry about those extra charges.

you do have to have your data roaming on

If you are outside the green subscription zone of Fizz, please, enable the roaming on your phone and you'll be able to get Fizz ext network.