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Mobile service quality and performance

What's your feedback on the quality and performance of the mobile service ?
Do you experience service interruption or weak signals ?
I'm with Koodo and thinking to switch because of the flexibility of the Fizz plans. Will I experience lower quality network?
Which Mobile network that Fizz uses ?
Last question: Can I change my mobile plan with Fizz every month ?

1 - So far performance for behave great. I have being in very remote areas with people using other carrier and no difference was shown.
2 - Service interruption after the beta test period, No
3 - I've never used Koodo. but I used rogers, bell, videotron and fido and I haven't found noticeable difference
check here for coverage are:
4 - I actually dont know which network it use. I will let someone else answer this question
5 - And last and what I found the most important and deal breaker for me. Yes, you can change every month you plan and adjust it to an incredible level of detail. so if you think you will need more data or less data, because data carries over, then you can switch.

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1- excellent!
2- never!
3- no, i switched as well!
4- dont know but works gr8!
5- yes!



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Hi George,

No issue for the mobile service on my end. If you're ready to switch and don't mind having a total online experience, go ahead. You'll enjoy Fizz.

Fizz uses Videotron.

Yes you can change your plan with Fizz and it will apply at your bill's cycle date.

Hope I answered your questions

Fizz Videotron network and owned by Videotron. It's the primary shareholders.

The only downside I might think is that you need to find your way to support, because there is no support on the phone.



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Hi George (and Emmanuel!)
I have been with fizz since February and haven’t had any problems with mobile. No missed calls/texts and LTE is good even in the countryside.

I'm very satisfied with Fizz mobile service.
My signal since i'm with Fizz is a lot better (there is a Rogers tour near my place) than when I was with Koodoo.
In my area, a cellular tour of Telus is missing.
I really dont regret Koodoo.
LTE Fizz network is very reliable and is working with the Videotron network.
Yes , you can change your Fizz mobile plan like you want.
There is not contract wiff Fizz.
Fizz is a pre-paid service.
Welcome to Fizz!