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Pending referral bonus says $25 instead of $35?

I ported over on July 14th and signed up with my referral. I can see my pending bonus but it says $25 instead of $35. Is it normal for it to say $25 and I'll still get $35 for the promo or should it say it's pending $35? Just wondering if I need to contact support to have that adjusted or not.

Hi Veper,

Unfortunately I read on some forum posts that the $35 referral bonus ended at midnight July 14th.

If you believe there's an issue with this, you may chat with Fizz support during the day.

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Fizzy, I would expect it ended on midnight July 14th so I should get it. I just dont know if they normally show the promo referral amount or not, I'll check with support in the morning to see.