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What are the specs of the wi-fi router that is included in the modem?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering what the router specs look like in the modem. Since being with Fizz internet, I haven't had any issues with the internet but I do the wifi a bit slow at times. I don't have this inconsistency with my wired connection on my pc.




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I don't know how fast your internet is, but the Coda 4680 is fine: dual band, and fast enough.

When I called Videotron about switching over to Fizz they said some scary sounding stuff about the router, but when looking into it, I didn't find any reason for concern.

Have you done a speed test?

If your speed test is below what you're paying for, it might be a good idea to contact Fizz to look into it. Often they can test their connection to the router--sometimes a squirrel or mouse will chew on something or the connection won't be great. Good luck!

Here are the specs:

Also, wifi will always be slower and less reliable than cable.

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Did you already try to disable the band steering, and also to change the channel used by the Wifi, sometime can be a interference from the Wifi in your neighborhoods

Hi Kurt,

You can run wifi analyzer to determine the optimal wifi channel(s) for your home.

You can also try turning off one of the wi-fi bands like the 2.4 GHz band. And connect using the 5 GHz band only.

If you prefer, optionally you can use your own router (by enabling bridge mode on the Fizz modem).

Hi Kurt.

The modem/router is an DocSis 3.1 compatible mimo with dual-band AC, b/g/n backward compatible with 4 1000mbps lan ports. I suggest you buying an external router like NetGear.

Have a nice day, it's been a pleasure to assist you today.

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