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Not able to delete old credit card after adding new credit card number?

Please help



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Hi Sachin,

This is how to add a new card and associate it to your plan and after you can delete the old one.

First you need to add a new credit card to your profile: My profile -> Payment methods -> Add a new payment

Then you need to modify the credit card associated with your plan. Go to My plans, choose the plan for which you want to modify the payment method, then click on Manage plan -> Payment method. Then choose the new card.

Afterwards you can go to your profile and delete the old card.

The link from Fizz to show you how

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Other answers

You have added your new credit card.
You must go again into your Fizz account.
and do this procedure for each of your Fizz plan:
Click on: My plan
Click on: Manage my plan
Click on: Payment method
Click on: Manage payment method and associate your new card to this plan.
When it's done,

Return into your account and click on the section; My profile
Click on: payment method
and delete the old credit card.