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Can I use for calls/text and just Fizz for the data?

I've never used VoIP before, I was thinking of using it but a little confused on how that works with a data plan. When I sign up for Fizz do I need to get a phone number? I plan to port my Fido number to and just use 1-2GB of Fizz data for the voip and other LTE things (browsing, reddit, etc). Can I do this or do I have to port my number to Fizz?



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Yes you will get a phone number, therefore you do not need to port your number to fizz
Yes you can use voip apps, take a look to fongo too

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Hi Veper, you will get a phone numbner and if you have more questions you can contact the customer Service either on Facebook messenger ( or Fizz Website by oppening this link ( and simply scroll down until you see the Green Bubble, Click on it to start your Chat session with the customer service. Good Luck, they will be able to help you ! ! If I helped you out properly, please choose me has the best answer to close the Topic :)