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Hey guys,

Just connected to fizz. Have a problem with internet speed, see attached. I'm on Download 15Mbps Upload 10Mbps plan. What can I do about it? It shouldn't be like upload is bigger the download. Feels like it's a problem of provider(Fizz)



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Try to turn off the modem for 5 minutes

The speed must be tested with the fizz's app or a computer connected to the modem with a network cable

To avoid any problems with the wifi, since your problem can be a wifi conflict with a neighbor signals

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Hi Renat, Try to reset your modem and if it doesn't work you can contact the customer Service either on Facebook messenger ( or Fizz Website by oppening this link ( and simply scroll down until you see the Green Bubble, Click on it to start your Chat session with the customer service. Good Luck, they will be able to help you ! ! If I helped you out properly, please choose me has the best answer to close the Topic :)



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Probably your problem is related to wifi interference. If you leave in a place near various other wifi routers you may suffer this problem (I was suffering the same problem). Try to download an app called wifi analyzer (or similar) to see which channel is less interfered with. Another way to confirm that your problem is interference is connect an device via ethernet cable. If the wired connection has no problem it probably means that your issue is related to the wifi connection.

Try to reset your modem,
Insert a pin into the reset button 35,40 seconds and released it after.
Then, wait 3,4 minutes until all the lights are coming back.
Types twice the Factory default password.
Your connection is supposed to be completely fonctional.
If you test the speed of your internet connection, use an ethernet câble.

Like others said, you have to test your connection wired first to troubleshoot your problem, if you have solid 15mbps like that, its on the WIFI side for sure.

I have that problem once in a while, usually rebooting my modem works for me. Or if you are using a second router on your network try disconnecting that to see if that is what is causing the problem. I find the fizz modem/router is not always compatible with other routers.