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Anyone manage to solve frequent disconnects?

Hi community,

I’ve never had to speak with Fizz for a technical issue until now, and they have been completely useless so far. I have an issue similar to this one

Friday my internet died randomly. At first, I thought it was my router because all the lights were normal on the modem, (Power and @ solid green, up/downstream solid blue, activity blinking) so I restarted the router. That did not fix the issue, so I tried restarting the modem and that fixed it.

Saturday the same thing happened three times, each time I did some debugging, tried different cables but only restarting the modem would fix it. I’d also like to mention (as I did to support), that I am connected via ethernet to almost everything, so this is NOT a WiFi issue. I am also able to access and my internal network without any issue.

Sunday within two hours of waking up, the same thing happened again twice. I contacted support and they told me my signals are better than okay, to try using the Fizz router instead of my own. Even though I know the issue isn’t with my router I went along with their advice. Still same thing happened. I left my connection broken for two hours and messaged them back so that they could see, but no response in those two hours so I restarted my modem to get it working again.

I get a message this morning telling me that my signals are good and to reverse my coax cable (why if my signals are good?), to plug into a different outlet (why if my modem is on?) and send me a link how to fix WiFi (why if I mentioned that I am using ethernet for everything).

Given our current circumstances, I need internet more than ever since I have to work from home and the support is no help. It’s been several days of messaging back and forth (because it takes hours between messages) and it seems they do not even read what the issue is properly, and instead write any non-sense to not have to deal with a real issue.

I mentioned in the first message that it is most likely the modem (or a faulty firmware update) or perhaps some glitch on their end that blocks IP traffic to my modem (which may also make sense seeing as all the modem lights look normal).

In any case, I know that people on this community cannot resolve the issue, but perhaps someone has been in my situation and can offer some advice on how I can get this resolved with the support. So far, I am extremely disappointed with the level of technical support.

Hello Chris,

I apologize for this unpleasant situation that you experienced.
After having a look into your account, I could see that you managed to access our support department and they've provided you the assistance you needed.
If the situation is still present and you need more information or assistance, please check the following link

Have a nice day.
Nicolae Bogdan

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Sorry to hear you are having internet issues.

Not sure if you already tried a factory reset of your Fizz modem. You can do this by pressing and holding for 10 seconds the small button at the back of your modem, with a pen or a paperclip.

I have noticed that the Fizz modem can get hot, so I make sure there is adequate ventilation around it. When no one is using it, I will even shut it down overnight from-time-to-time.

Also when my RJ45 ethernet cable gets a lot of use after many years, I will swap it for a new one.

If you ever encounter a red light on your Fizz modem (instead of green or blue), that's a sure sign the modem is done.

Hope your service will return to normal soon!