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Is the fizz status page being maintained/updated?

I've had intermittent internet connectivity issues for two days in a row. I finally contacted the support via Fizz Facebook page confirming that there is an issue in my sector and a specific node that's been impacted (BR-9876814).
For the last two days I've been pre-occupied that the issue is specific to my modem and spent hours troubleshooting and syncing and resetting and unplugging/replugging and I'm frustrated because of all the time I wasted troubleshooting when FIZZ seems to be very well aware of an outage. I haven't had a single issue with my connection since I first subscribed last year but I have to admit I'm comprehensively peeved.
My questions:
1- Why is the status page not reporting any issues since March and is there an ETA on when this will be fixed?
2- Why has Fizz not made any effort to inform impacted customers of any issues?
3- Where is the famous "chat bubble" on your page pages? I looked for it for an hour today and couldn't find it. Why do the instructions not say clearly that the only way to reach support is via Facebook?
4- Can we expect to be informed about outages sometime in the future? That when a major incident like this happens again, either Fizz home page, Fizz Facebook page or any other Fizz resource will be up-to-date and accurate? is there an ETA on fixing this?

Thanks in advance.



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I totally understand you. What you've described is exactly the weak points of fizz. You're definitely playing on a fine line as a company when you try to keep your implications as minimal as possible in order to keep the costs down. Let's hope they get wise and choose where to put their efforts!

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Hello Nabil !
Thank your for sharing your experience. I agree there is some place for improvements. I hope something will be done soon.

Have a great day !

Thanks for your fantastic question.

In your case i suggest to contact a fizz rep by clicking on the green chat bubble available in your account dashboard, or by joining a rep by facebook under the name Fizz.

It's been a pleasure to assist you today. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.
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