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Landline converted to VOIP does the modern have a dry loop that we can use our home line?

I currently have a regular land line phone converted to VOIP using what’s called a dry loop on my internet service, Does the modem that comes with the service have this dry loop option?



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I believe that I dry loop is when you have a telephone cable without the telephone service.
Your VoIP is connected using an ATA or a router with an integrated ATA

Therefore, if your telephone is connected to the DSL router, in order to use your voip service with Fizz, you need to buy an ATA, contact your voip provider in order to see if they can sell one to you. Otherwise, you need to buy one, linksys or grandstream for example

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In my understanding the dry loop works with your modem ADSL to get internet working, your VOIP works with an ATA like Mike said a linksys or grandstream. I have a VoIP phone connected to an ATA linksys and connected to Fizz modem router. So the Fizz modem router it gives you the internet, no dry loop needed, you need an ATA to get your phone works properly.
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