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User level
5000 / 5000

You need to get points
You can do that partecipating on the community

  • you can give 20 kuodos per day 1 pts each
  • if you receive kuodos 5 pts
  • posting questions 3 pts
  • if you answer is chosen to be the best one 50 pts
  • You also get 10 pts for each $ spent (paying the service)
    If you refer people

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Other answers

Like Mike said you get point for almost each action you do with fizz. The best way to get point is to reply on the forum to help people. You get points when someone like your comments, if you have the best answer you get the most points you can get in a day. It think when you unlock a level in the forum you can get 50 points too. Anyway just go on the forum often and you will have points to level up and get some perks to apply (rebate or more data).