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No Internet access?

The strength of the signal is excellent but no internet access.



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Today many users say there no internet! I think it's a outage, problem with Fizz streets cables lines or Fizz Building. Wait a 24 hours to lets fizz diagnose and repair the problem! If you don't have internet access in 24 hours, i suggest you contacting Fizz by clicking the green bubble in your account dashboard or by facebook under the name Fizz.

It's been a pleasure to assist you today! Have a great day!
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Hello BriGuy007,

After checking your account I could see that your modem is offline from our end and that there are some works in your area. Because of this works you are not able to use your services, and we apologize for this unpleasant situation that you experience.
I suggest you contact our support department for further investigation, to do so, please check the link

Nicolae Bogdan