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Leveled up: upgrade shows as "available" but doesn't seem to want to APPLY?

I just rcvd a message that I “leveled up in My Rewards. Discover which upgrades you now have access to”.

I follow the link to My Upgrades where it shows two Internet rebates available (one for reaching level 1, and today's for reaching level 2).

It tells me to click “Apply” so that the rebate will “be ready to use every month as soon as your next payment cycle begins”, but it doesn’t seem to work. Irrelevant of whether I attempt to apply the "level 1" or "level 2" rebate, the pop up window closes and the “Add a bonus” button (on main screen) vibrates.

When I click the vibrating “Add a bonus” button it tells me that “Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait after [tmo’s date] to make any change to your rewards.”

Am I doing something wrong, has my rebate been applied (despite both my rebates still being listed as “available”) and/or is there a system glitch? I’m still relatively new, so I was wondering if I should consider calling someone (and if so, what is the tel#) like I used to do when dealing with Bell?



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Hello Simon,

This is normal because your next period will start 28th of may and it is not possible to change the next period forfait (including option and bonus) less then 48h before.

28th of May you will be able to apply the bonus... however it will be applicable for the next period (28 of June to 28 of July then).

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Hi Simon!
Just wait 28 may! Fizz has only online chat for support! If not working 28 may try to reach support by clicking the green bubble in your account dashboard or by Facebook under the name Fizz!

It's been a pleasure to assist you! Have a nice day! :)
Don't hesitate to mark my answer as the best! :)