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My wifi is working slower than my plan is?

I’m paying for 120 mbps a month and I’m getting around 10 mbps. I tried restarting the modem and it did nothing. It’s not always like this but some days it is



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Hello Christian,

I apologize for the error you've encountered, I suggest you reach out to our support where you can have this situation resolved.
Our contact methods can be found on the following FAQ, you need to be connected into your account and click on Help, which is on mid-right of your screen, then click on Contact Us, or simply click on the link I've provided.
Keep in mind that the answer on Facebook messenger is not in real-time and a delay can be between your question and our answer, that is why I suggest you contact us by chat for a better resolution in realtime.
I also suggest you have a look at the FAQ in the meantime and then, with the results contact our support department.

Have a good one!
Nicolae Bogdan

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Hi Christian!

There many solutions:

-It's could be an Wi-Fi Signal issue, have you tried moving the modem?

-If not working, have you tried disconnecting some devies and trying only 1 device with wifi!

-Have you tried to connect with a RJ45 Lan Cable (Internet Cable) dirrectly to test the speed!

I think it's will resolve your problem!

It's been a pleasure! Have a nice day!

to confirm if you are really on 120mbps, perform your speedtest with a wire connection instead of using Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connect speed is handle by the router or modem, this depends on a lot of factors. If your wire connection speedtest is around 120Mbps then you know your problem is with your Wi-Fi connection.