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Why I used 2 GB in 5 days ?

Why I used 2 GB in 5 days ? how to you calculate data usage, I am at home on Wifi almost all the time



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Hi Sihem!

To answer your question, it's could be an app or mobile update! Check your wi-fi signal too if you lose wi-fi signal in your home, cell phone switch to mobile data when losing Wi-Fi, it's could be the issue.Disable mobile data in your cellular device when your not using it, when your on a wi-fi connection.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Sihem,

Which phone model do you have? Are you able to check data usage on your phone?
If yes, you can compare it against the data usage shown on your Fizz account.

Hi Sihem,

I've checked your account and on your daily data usage I see that you've already used your 2 GB of data. You can also check that from your account as it's shown on our FAQ: . You'll be able to calculate your daily data usage.

You can follow our community fellows tips to help you limit the data usage on your phone. For additional information, have a look on our dedicated FAQ: You can also set up the usage alert to send you a notification once you've almost to the usage limit of your mobile data. You can do that from your Fizz account: My profile – Settings – Plan communication preferences – Usage alerts.

If there's anything that we can help you further with, you can also reach us via live chat, or by Facebook Messenger. Here are the contact links:

Have a good one!