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Internet address check?

Hello all,

I am the only one who can't order internet, seems the internet verification address tool isn't working...not doing anything when i enter my address, i know for sure videotron deserves my address but can't order Fizz without going thru this step.




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I believe that they have problem with their system, you are the second one today reporting this problem.

Did you try with your zip code?
Did you try staring with the number of your residence?

You can try to contact the support

here's how to contact customer support by chat, from 8 AM to 9 PM everyday:

1. Connect to your Fizz account (if you have more than one, connect to the one that has the problem) by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at
2. Click on this link: h
3. The green chat bubble should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.

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Hi, i think Fizz is using Canada Post AddressComplete System to track an address.
Just go to : , to find the correct typpo for your address!

Normally it's the Appartment Number+StreetNumber + Street Name + Direction + City + Postal Code
Example: Appartment number is 10, Street number is 505, Street name is Mongrain, Direction is West, and City Is Montreal.

10-505, Mongrain St. W, Montreal, X0X 0X0
or it's could be
10-505, Mongrain Street W, Montreal, X0X 0X0

Go to:

To valid the correct address typpo!

Have a nice day!