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I want to change for Telus to fizz. How does it work?

I use the Telus mobile phone if I want to keep the number to change to Fizz how does it work?



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Hi minhsang,

It's very simple,

First, order your sim card from Fizz. It will take maximum 2, or 3 days to receive it. (See instructions on sreeshot). Or you can get one at Couche Tard.

Once you get your simcard, activation is very easy and fizz wil transfer your phone number from Telus (you'll need to provide FIZZ with your telus account number).

Choose your plan and your all set. It took less the 10 minutes for me.

Welcome to Fizz!

You can find all the details instructions here:

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Hi Minhsang,

To transfer your current number to Fizz, your line with your current supplier must still be active. Upon activation, Fizz will take care of the disconnection.

To transfer your number to Fizz, you must have your account number with your current supplier (registered on the invoice, how to identify it?) Or the IMEI number of the phone you use with your current supplier. To obtain the IMEI, dial * # 06 # on the keypad of your phone.

1st verify and make sure your phone is unlock and compatible with Fizz network then get a SIM card as @Isabelle mention. I didn't know that we can get a SIM card from Couche Tard now. Once you got the SIM card, just follow the instruction that comes with the SIM card to activate your Fizz. Simple and easy. You can switch within 24hrs.



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First, order a sim card from Fizz.
After activate it, choose your plan and apply a referral bonus from a friend with Fizz at this moment, you'll get 35$ of credit after your third payment.
see this link:
For the transfert of your telephone number, get the account number of your Telus provider.
Fizz will transfer it without problem.
For my concern, I am with Fizz since december 2018 and I dont regret Koodoo at all.