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Mail address not in green zone


My permanent home address is in the green zone, but for covid-19 I am stuck at the cottage in which the mailing address for here is red zone. Would I still be able to be sent a SIM card to the red zone (not my permanent address) and sign up for services?



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Yes you can.

I did that when I signed up. The adress of delivery for the sim card can be different from the coverage address.

I had my sim card delivered in a red zone.

(I'm actually even using my phone and data in a zone that is not on the green map and I'm on Fizz, not even on Fizz ext.)

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You can also have the sim mailed somewhere else for the time being... A friend maybe? That you wouldnt see but just collect the sim from their mailbox when they tell you it arrived...

Hi Carolyn,
Have yourself a nice little chat with Fizz to confirm this but I don't see why they would not deliver a Sim card to any address covered by their services
Just make sure to put the service address and delivery address accordingly.
( Once you are logged in at bottom right of this web page you should see the Chat Bubble).