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Change Stabilization plan for royalty customers?

I have few plans more than one year ago. Everything was good, and I had plans what I need. Now, we have to stay home most of time because of COVID-19. I do not use lots of data since I am using Fizz Internet at home. There are too much data left over now. I'd like to give my data, but I guess many people has the same situation. Is it possible Fizz give us a chance to change plan but keep Stabilization price? It is really help us to save the cost.
I do not think the pandemic will end soon.

Hi FC,

Since you mention that everything is good, you can stay the course. The pandemic will not last forever. As for your mobile plan, it is up to you if you want to change plan now and change it again later. You can contact Fizz support to see if they have any plans to offer help with pricing.

For data donation, it is a great idea. Until May 10, for each GB gifted, Fizz will donate $3 to the organization Regroupement Partage. Fizz has up to $50,000 to donate. So let’s help one another, even from afar.

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Seems like a good idea in these times since nobody really uses that much data when we're all at home!

Hi FC,
You could also turn Wi-Fi off on your phone and use your data allowance to free up bandwidth on Fizz Internet depending your typical usage of course for other users/ connected devices.
Just a thought.


We really appreciate your initiative. However, regarding the stabilization price, you keep it as long as you gave the same plan.

Hope I could answer to your question.

Have a great day !