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Hey you little fizzers, you all having a great night?

Im feeling quite happy and I wanted to share, so you can take as much joy as you want from me, I have so much!!!

You can view this as a Perk that I'm giving away. Today I'm giving away HEARTS

I see two reasons to all this hapiness:

1. Yesterday my modem was disconnected (by my fault) and with the so very helpful tips on the Community, I was able to connect back on my own.

2. Having a brand new grand son (my 1st one) is a very powerful feeling!!! He's been declared the all time, most beautyful baby of the universe. Sorry if you were hoping to get that position

Hello Carole09,

Thank you for the kind gesture. Seems like no one has replied to this post. Also congratulation on your grandson! :D

I will have to close this post, but if you still wish to offer, feel free to look around the community.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a lovely day.


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