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With COVID-19 can I still get internet at home ,?

I was wondering if they would come to my house to install the modem and everything if I take an internet plan, during this crisis. Thank you.



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Fizz is among those businesses considered an essential service, and since everything happens online, their operations are luckily spared.

Fizz states the following:

There is no impact on the delivery of SIM cards and Wi-Fi modems. Rest assured that our technicians and delivery partners respect the necessary hygiene rules required at this time.

As part of the precautionary measures against the COVID-19 virus, our technician will now leave your Fizz Wi-Fi modem at your door instead of entering your home. The verification of your connection will be done from outside. You'll then have to follow our simple instructions to install your modem and configure your network yourself. The technician will be in his truck and won’t leave until he can validate everything is good to go.

Fizz continues to monitor the situation; any development will be posted on this page: