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Can I change my billing date ? without having to suspend my line and reopen it on the desire date ?

I would like to have the billing on the 1st week of the month. is there any way to modify it ?



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No it's not possible whitout suspend your plan and this is what Fizz say about the billing when your anniversary date is at the end of the month.

"How many days lasts a payment cycle?

Payement cycles are monthly, but their duration varies based on the number of days in each month. What’s important to remember is the anniversary date of your plan.

For example, if you activated your SIM card or received your Wi-Fi modem on April 5, the anniversary date for your plan is the 5th, and your next payment cycle will start on May 5, and then June 5, and so on. If your plan is activated on the 31st of a month, it is important to note that your payment cycles will start on the last day of each month, whether it’s the 30, 31 (or even 28 in the case of the month of February). "

For your mobile service:
The date on which you activate your SIM card is the anniversary date for your mobile plan, and this date marks the start of your payment cycle each month.

For your Home Internet service:
The date on which you receive your Fizz Wi-Fi modem is the anniversary date for your Home Internet plan, and this date marks the start of your payment cycle each month.

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No, you can't.
Fizz is a Pre-paid service.
It's start at the beginning of your plan has started
and it's the day of your billing cycle.
If you really want it, you need to unsubstribe your actual plan.
And you will loose the price of your plan.
Think of it, and reactivate it after with a new plan starting the first of the month.

Hi Alix,
I’ve inform myself too in the past about that and it would seem as you can’t change it just like that.
If you really need to change it, you would need to suspend your account/service and put it back in service the day that you want to be charged.