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Vacation Home - buy Fizz modem and activate only when visiting?

We have a very remote cabin with pretty good ATT 4G LTE signal, but nothing else. I was thinking this might be a good solution for when we go there (twice, maybe 3 times a year). Does Fizz work over ATT network? If so, is there a plan where I can buy the modem and then activate when we go there? We only go 3 or 4 times a year, so I was wondering if Fizz has a solution where I could log in before we go, and pay for the month.



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You can have a SIM with a Canada/US plan, activate it when you need or you can add the Canada/US to your plan.
You can use your phone in order to become an AP or buy a LTE modem.

You need to which solution is better fit your needs.

Remember if you activate a new plan, you can deactivate the SIM multiple times

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Fizz doent offer Home internet outside the network of Videotron.
You can only buy trip (add-on-datas) with your mobile plan for the USA during your trip.

The only option is an LTE sim card
Maybe you can buy a modem with sim card and tether from there.
Just activate it when you go and cancel when you re done.
It s not very practical but not much options.

This would probably run afoul of Fizz’s rule that the majority of your usage can’t come while roaming. You could keep your Fizz account active for an equal amount of time while back in a Fizz zone, or perhaps you could purchase a pay as you go plan from a US provider that uses the AT&T network in that area.