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Are 1 800 numbers such as (aka) "Enterprise Rental Car Roadside Assistance" free calls while visiting Arizona?

I made a 1 hour 20 minutes call here in Arizona to Enterprise Rental Car Roadside Assistance "1 800 307 6666" which was eventually disconnected before I spoke to anyone, I would like to know wether I'll receive a huge bill!?!



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Fizz is prepaid. So you will not be billed extra for the call.


You have to have at least one of the following to cover the call:

- Included as part of your plan (you have USA coverage).

- Travel add-on

- Money in your wallet (Pay As You Go)

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also you need to know that with Fizz you will not get extra charges what ever you add to you plan with pay as you go or addon this is the maximum you will pay no suprises

Simply, you will not be surprised as Fizz is prepaid. If you have big money in your account (such as $500), and it went away after your 1h20m call, then you might be charged for it. But I do not think anybody here will keep over hundreds dollars. In another word, do not put too much in your wallet. You never know...