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What are all the details of adding users?

I have a few questions about the "Add User" option in Fizz :

  1. Can I share my plan with the user? i.e. my 8gb, my unlimited national calls will be shared with the user and my monthly bill will continue to be the 30+$/month?
  2. Will the new user need an account (login) in Fizz to be able to be added?
  3. Can I buy a SIM and give it to the person I want to add and (s)he will be able to create a Fizz associated phone number?
  4. Can I add more than 1 extra user to my plan (if point 1 is affirmarive)

I want to add my dad so he can make/receive calls and check his WhatsApp, but I want to know what will that cost extra on a monthly basis.


Thank you!

when you add a user they still have to have their own account and their own plan.
The add user is used to control the account. if you want to control the acoount of your children or your employee so they dont change their plan or something similar.
But no sharing for your addons or something.
the addons go with the phone number.

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I think that 2 account is better than multi users : you would be able to use your referal code between each account and you will also be able to share data (the others account need a 1Go montly).