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When I call someone it says United Stated under my number?

Hi how do I remove the United States under my phone number so that when I call someone with my cell people will answer me??? With all those annoying phone scams going on, people are scared to answer a 438 number when it says Unites States under it!! Doesn’t make any sense especially since I only have the Quebec plan on that line! I have the lowest package at 19$....



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It is an issue on the receiving telecom or PBX/VOIP provider. Not much you or Fizz can do about it until those companies update their info.

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There are 2 problems

  • The other party does not recognize the number, probably an old firmware, then the 438 is not properly recognized
  • Fizz does not send your name
  • Solutions, ask the other party to save your number

This has happened to me. The reason is that the first 3 digits of your phone number was just recently assigned to area code 438.


Once the telecoms are aware of this update, your caller info will no longer show USA. It could take a few weeks or some months for the update to be done. And it will happen automatically without any action on your part.


If you find this diaplay to be bothersome and you are not attached to your phone number, you can change the number and opt for a number with an older established range (or area code).

The same thing happened to us with our 438 number. We just told the family members in the U.S. to save our number to their phone so it would be recognized.

But eventually the caller id and number were properly seen after a few months.