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Transfer from Bell to Fizz Internet?

We used to be with Videotron, transferred to Bell, now going to Fizz Internet. For the self installation at 0$, does the technician check that the coaxial cable that comes into the house still work? The cable comes into the house, near the electrical box, but then seems to be plugged in a splitter, which I no longer need since I will be "cord cutting". But then I assume the technician must run a cable to where I want the modem... which is about four feet away. Is that free?



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Normally, installation from the exterior to a cable entry point (coax leading into your house) is part of the installation (which is Vidéotron infrastructure). Si that part seems fine on your setup.


If you choose the free installation, that assumes that you can connect the modem/router to the inside coax cable.


When you receive your package, you will connect the modem , but if it's 4 feet away, you might as well either get yourself a longer coax cable, or bring the modem closer.


Otherwise you can always pay for the technician to come by.


Wait till you get the modem to see what your best option is.

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Sure the tech will be install the cable and he will be bring it where you need it and he deliver the modem
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yes installation is free

The technician does the canle test and comes to the house to check the quality of the signal.
He also makes sure you have the right signal.
and he delivers you the modem.
Just be sure to be at home for the appointment

Yes, the technician's job is to make sure everything is in order up to the modem. That includes any coax cabling that needs to be installed from the pole to your building and all the way to where you place the modem, splitters, attenuators, and checking that the signal is good. All this is free.

For the self-installation (non-VIP) you are responsible for the router configuration. Everything past the modem is always the user's responsibility.

The responsibilities are split in the same way if there are any service calls for problems.

If you decide to order Fizz internet, It wont be complicated.
The auto-installation is free.
The day of your installation;
The technician will verify your coaxial câble (or will install another one if it's needed).
He will verify the signal of your connection and bring you the Fizz modem.
The fizz modem comes with all the instructions and it's easy to connect.
Enjoy Fizz internet!
For my experience,,
I am very satisfied about this service.

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the interest showed for our Home Internet service.

The technician will come to your house and deliver the modem. He'll verify the coaxial cable and the coaxial outlet. He'll make the necessary working to make sure that you have a good and stable internet connection. This is free of charge for the first installation. If you won't choose the VIP installation option, you'll have to install the modem yourself. You have all the details provided on our dedicated faq link:

I hope you'll enjoy our internet service!

Have a good one!