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SIM not received. Can you send me another SIM card please?

I ordered a SIM card and was waiting to receive it in order to go further and activate the service with FIZZ. At some point I got email informing that the SIM was delivered, and when I checked online, it was showing delivered through Planète Courrier, at the door. I also checked on the Planète Courrier site. Well, no SIM found. Not at the door, not into the mailing box. Contacted Fizz, spoke to Adrian, who explained me that I need to order another one, and then to request a reimbursement for the lost (or stolen) one. I explained him that I do not intend to pay again for another one, since I already payed one SIM card, that I never received. As eventually the same situation will happen, and I will find myself with 2 SIM payed, and never received. I would rather expect Fizz to send me another SIM card, free of charge, or reimburse me first, and then I will order another SIM. Adrian was very professional, he apologized for the situation, and told me that he will escalate this issue to the appropriate department. So far nobody contacted me further. Fizz, I understand that the delivery is out of your control, I do not blame the delivery company neither, maybe the SIM was left at a wrong address, or maybe was left too exposed, and someone noticed it and took it, I cannot know. But since I payed for it, and did not get it, can I have another SIM card free of charge, in order for me to activate the service with you? Or otherwise can you please reimburse me, in order for me to order another SIM card. Thank you.



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I Petre,
This happen, you are not the first one, however, here we are users
I order my SIM and delivered to my mother in law in order to avoid this situation.

You need to contact again the support

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Hello Petre,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'm really sorry to hear about it!

I've just check your account and I see that one of my colleagues has already sent a refund request to our specialized department. We would have liked to help you further on this one, but unfortunately we're not in charge of the delivery process and we don't have the SIM cards physically on our end. The order can only be done by you from your account and the only thing that we can help you with is to refund you for the lost card. Please rest assured that we'll reimburse you in the shortest time possible, as we want to remain fair all the time to our customers. Thank you for being so patient and understanding.

Have a nice evening!