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Disable modem wifi or residential gateway?

I chose to not use the wifi provided by the cable modem since my Asus router is far superior. I chose to disable the 2G and 5G wifi using the modem admin pages. I also tested by disabling the residential gateway but then lose access to the modem admin pages.

1. Shouldn't disabling the wifi on modem reach the same end result. I find the modem can get a bit warm to the touch so the less it has to do the better. I like having access to admin screens so that I can reboot modem from anywhere in the house.

2. Residential gateway off: With this option lose admin screens. Is there no way to log into modem when gateway is disabled?

Disable the residential gateway, or else you'll have double NAT which means useless processing on the modem and possibly port forwarding issues. You can still access the modem afterwards using if you want to reboot it remotely inside your LAN.

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Julien is correct
You can still access it at
Obviously with it being in bridge mode you cant do much other than reboot
All routing and wifi functions will be controlled by your Asus router



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Julien has the right good answer.