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Why can I only see my data upgrades but not the data that is actually on my plan?

I had modified my phone plan a little while ago, and today is the first day of this cycle. My data upgrade slots have been reset, so I have 750mb from there, but my data in my plan isn't showing up. Can this be fixed?



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Fizz is experiencing since a few days display problems like yours (our bonus are not applied, etc).
In the communitity, Fizz informs us, that we wont be affected with this display problem.

They are working to correct this soon.

If you want be more reassured by their customer service, please, chat with them (8h00 to 21h00).
Open a session online and acces to your account.
Then, type:

A green bubble chat will appear.
Click on it when you see it.
Your chat session will begin.

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This has happened to me in the past where my plan is renewed, but no new data is allocated to my account. Contact customer support for them to fix it as you may not be able to access your calling or texting as well.

Make sure your plan renewed correctly. Do you see the charge on your transaction history?


If you cannot check your plan via your account, contact Fizz support to make sure you have the correct amount of data available in your plan.