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any news on travel add on for calling?

While in China, I was surprised to receive the calls from Canadian numbers (most probably bank call center to offer another credit card or that kind of stuff). I did not answer as I have money in wallet and I was afraid it would charge some roaming fees, and also I usually do not pick up calls from those unknown numbers. I do not know if they left any voice message as I am not back to Canada yet, but I tried to call my voicemail and it only made cracking sounds like dialup internet calling and i did not hear much :D it did not charge anything from my wallet though.

I still have my Europe add on active, but I did not receive any calls while in Europe and I did not get add on for Asia, as data in Europe was pretty slow on several occasions.

So I was wondering if the calls would be coming in travel add on anytime soon? any ideas or similar cases to share? anytime it looks like it should be coming soon. I will do another test with fizz sim card over week-end and let you know.

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You are not the only one had the opportunity to receive and makes calls when outside the country, There was a user that experience the same thing in Turkish

It seems to be a bug, strange :D

@Fizzy, i know it is not available, but my phone was ringing without any add on, but i do have funds in my fizz wallet. to explore :)


@Mike, it is not too bad as a bug, or somebody testing something. that's what i'm trying to figure out.