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Why does call completion fail to certain US numbers from Canada?

When calling from my Fizz mobile to US area code 607 (up-state NY) land line, a message is played that says something about the number you've called is not accepting calls. Yet calling from a Bell mobile or Canadian landline to that number works just fine. Oddly, if that number calls *me* I can accept the call, no problem.



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Hello Bernie ,

For this type of problem, I recommend that you contact us directly by chat to troubleshoot and escalate the situation if necessary. Here's how to do it:

Have a good day.


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Probably is wrong signalling when the phone is busy, off without voicemail, you are blocked or the prefix is blocked or something like that
Try to call a different number in the same area code such as hospital, school
Your fizz seems to work well since you are able toAll others number in US

there might be call filtering on the other side. if your number is 438, (and not 514, for example), it might explain it.


here is a general explanation from AT&T for this kind of message:



The possible reasons you would get this error when calling someone is that their:

- Account is not in an active status

- Incoming calls are blocked via a service or device feature

- Number is in process of being ported to another carrier

- Phone is off and voicemail is not set up, or they are out of range



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If you get this message "The number you've called is not accepting calls." every time you try calling, then ask the other party if they have blocked calls from certain numbers. Perhaps they blocked a range of phone numbers without realizing it includes you.


If you're able to call other US numbers, then your Fizz plan is working well.